Last Dynasty

Last Dynasty is a free-to-play 3D action MMORPG with a strong influence of Chinese mythology. While many other games are grind-based, we provide you with a multitude of finely composed quests.  In Last Dynasty you can fight alongside thousands of real players in massive PvP battles against a multitude of NPCs and real enemies.

The Story

“Legend has it that when the Gods decided to create the world, they filled it with prudent beings; to create a natural order of wisdom and compassion. A paradise of ideals, not high up in the skies but within the very heart of earth itself…”

But every paradise has a flaw, and soon a grim battle for world domination began. Between the City of Stable Earth and Fiery Sky Empire it raged, when the City of Vast Clouds – legacy of an exiled Stable Earth veteran – joined to take revenge on Stable Earth.Finding themselves in the middle of fighting parties ,even the quiet and isolated nomads of the Green Desert decided to get involved. Long had their fight against the harrassment by Fiery Sky soldiers sharpened their skills and the mysterious folk from The City of Encroaching Winds used their weapons well,many a legendary warrior came from their ranks.

Four empires fight over supremacy within the far eastern realm of Ancient China.
The militaristic people of Fiery Sky, the neutral tribe of Encroaching Winds, the pious civilization of Stable Earth and the vengeful Townsfolk of Vast Clouds.

Choose your side and join the fight for the dawn of a new world, united under your empire’s banner – it will be the actions of you and your allies that shape a new tomorrow!

Game Features

  • Free to play 3D Action MMORPG
  • A vast and colourful world to explore and conquer
  • 3 classes to choose from: The mighty Warrior, the nimble Hunter and the wise Mage.
  • Profession system featuring Enchanting, Jewelcrafting, Mining and Blacksmithing
  • Various Mounts and Pets, as well as special wings for each class
  • Massive “Realm vs Realm” PvP battles await!
  • Hardware friendly game engine, No need to have a top notch computer

Last Dynasty trailer and gameplay videos

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