Knight Online Europe

Knight Online Europe is a PvP-centric Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game that has been under continuous development for almost a decade. In Knight Online, two nations, El Morad and Karus – or more colloquially, humans and orcs – are locked in an eternal struggle for dominance. Pick a side, build up your warrior, and join the fray!

Knight Online is the first succeeded online game in party play, Korea. Leveling up, Grinding, Obtain drop item, and becoming first place are not the all about online game.
Party system by helping each other for leveling up, game playing with great manner rather than decorating its character with expensive item.

The biggest strength of Knight Online is ‘Massive War’ with up to 350 vs. 350 PvP battles.

Player has to choose a Nation between El Morad; Human race and Karus; Orc.

Each player has to gather by nation for the victory.
User who becomes a Hero by the war will obtain a peerage title and prize money by the King. In addition, the hero becomes a lord of a castle and rule the castle.

Key Features

  • Fight in a permanent PVP environment
  • Heart-Pumping PVP in a fantasy MMORPG
  • Choose a side in the epic conflict between El Morad and Karus
  • YOU decide between 4 epic character classes
    • Mage wielding magic from beyond
    • A stoic Priest
    • Warrior with bone crushing strength
    • A Rogue hidden within the shadows
  • Fight in bi-weekly wars and castle Sieges!
  • Earn the chance to be King and achieve power and respect
  • Completely Free2Play!
  • Free updates and expansion packages from everyone
  • Gain an edge in battle by purchasing exclusive items in our Power Up Store

Gameplay Videos

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