Kingdom Rift

Kingdom Rift, the latest game from global publisher Reality Squared Games, Alpha doors open to the public Monday November 3rd PDT 09:00AM. It will last for 7 days, and all player feedback will be used to refine the user experience, as well as fix any bugs that might occur. The alpha ends at Sunday November 9th, 00:00AM PDT. Upon the conclusion of the Alpha, server data will be wiped to make way for the Open Beta test.

In Kingdom Rift, take control of one of 3 classes, and embark on a quest to save the realm for the forces of darkness. Along your journey, you will uncover a twisted plot wrought with danger, intrigue, and drama. Experience the epic storyline, take part in exciting PVP battles, team-based dungeons, and everything in between! Join forces with powerful Goddesses, loyal Mounts and amass rare gear to save the world from an otherwise certain doom.

Key Features:

  • Active player abilities focusing on skill and reflexes
  • Goddess Companions with unique upgradeable Artifact equipment
  • Multi-stage PvE systems, including tiered Dungeons and horde modes
  • In-depth player item trading system
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