Jade Dynasty

Jade Dynasty is a martial-arts 3D MMORPG with a unique gameplay style wrapped in an immersive, ever evolving world. Players must decide whether or not to join the humans to uncover the secrets of immortality or help the immortal, Athans, stop them and restore balance back into the universe.

Jade Dynasty is free to play and developed by Perfect World Entertainment.


Ever since the rise of humans, the world has been at war. The humans, who have ascended to a level of power never meant for them, find themselves embroiled in a war with the gods. For too long, the Balo and Arden of the immortal Athans have waged war, trying to quell this human insurrection. But humans are nothing if not resilient, and they have held their own against the first wave of the Athans.

Weary of the deadlocked human insurgency, the Athans have called upon two new Factions to put an end to this bitterly locked war- by any means necessary.

Descending upon the war-torn world are two of the Athan elite: the lethal Rayan and the noble Celan. The Rayan are merciless killers and assassins, and the most feared faction of the entire Athan race. They will stop at nothing to complete their task -eliminating the human menace in order to return dominance of all lands to the Athan immortals. But sometimes brutality is not the only means to resolve such a conflict, and so, in order to end this strife through all available options, the Celan – Athan nobility – have been called forth to finish the human insurrection through alternative means – namely, a gentler approach through charm and diplomacy.

Main features:

Choose between two faction, Athan or Human, each faction features several different classes and characteristics

Collect special items: Espers

These mysterious relics are one of the most important items you will encounter in Jade Dynasty. In addition to providing you with bonuses to many of your attributes, they also provide a means through which one can automate the otherwise tedious task of fighting monsters.

Unlike other Gear, when you have an Esper equipped, an additional interface panel appears. This Esper Panel is an extremely useful feature and can be a great asset when used wisely.

Though you may simply purchase an Esper from an Esper Mystic, by progressing through the Mandatory story quest line, you will receive a free Esper before long. Humans receive the Trigram, while Athans obtain a Colorful Gem. Once you have acquired an Esper, simply right-click on it within your Bag to equip it.

Clan options: Upon reaching LV20, you are able to join a Clan. The leader of a Clan is called Chief. If you wish, you can try to find a Chief and ask to join their Clan.

Alliances: Having trouble keeping track of your friends? Tired of having to search for people to form a Party with? Clans and Alliances allow for the large groups of players to organize and coordinate their efforts.

Skills: There are many various types of Skills in Jade Dynasty – some deal direct damage to a single target, while others attack a predetermined number of targets within an area around your character. Actively used Skills may require a portion of Spirit in order to cast successfully, while others may require an item, other Skill or Health. Certain Skills will apply a damage-over-time ailment to your target, some increase character attributes, while others are passive.

Pets: Pets are companions that can be of great help to you in all of your endeavors in Jade Dynasty. Pets can help you by fighting, foraging, or crafting. Upon reaching LV35, you will automatically be given a quest to speak with Pet Master Ellan (208, 44) to obtain your first Pet.

Before you can expect your Pet to do your bidding, you must first Tame it. To do this, speak with Pet Master Ellan. Choose the Tame Pet option, place your pet in the Pet slot and then click the Done button to confirm the action. Once your Pet is tamed, you can then move it to a Pet slot by right-clicking on it in your Bag.

Languages: Available in English, Deutsch and Français

Jade Dynasty Classes

Jade Dynasty Mounts

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