Iris Online

Iris Online is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with adorable anime-styled graphics, themed group dungeon encounters and diverse monster mounts.
Set in the magical world of Arcana, Iris Online offers you a multitude of high-grade MMORPG features to enjoy. Complete more than 1000 quests, explore more than 22 themed dungeons each with unique entry conditions and challenging boss encounters, and have your fortune read to unlock the mysteries of the innovative Tarot Card System!

  • Monster Transformation System,  Turn Monsters into Mounts!
  • Unique Tarot Card System, What Does Your Future Hold?
  • Innovative Themed Instanced Dungeons, Can You Complete The Lover’s Dungeon?
  • PvP Deathmatch, Fight or Die!
  • Over 1000 Quests and 22 Dungeons!

Trailer and gameplay videos

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Iris Online Wiki

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