Howrse is browser based free to play game where you breed horses or ponies, and discover the responsibilities of managing an equestrian center!In Howrse you take care of your first horse, then make your breeding farm prosper till you get to the top!

Howrse Features:

Horse’s Breeding:

  • Take care of one or many horses,
  • Enhance their skills by training them,
  • Win competitions and be ranked amongst the best,
  • Breed your horses and extend your breeding farm!

Manage a virtual equestrian center!

  • Build your equestrian center, from meadows to boxes,
  • Lodge breeders’ horses,
  • Hire staff to run your center,
  • Organize prestigious competitions
  • And try to have the most famous center on Howrse!

Howrse is also suited for children, with great attention to security by the developers.

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