Gunblade Saga

Gunblade Saga is a free-to-play MMORPG  based on the successful comic series “Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword” by the cult comic artist Ma Rongcheng. The numerous stories published about Hua the Hero have attained cult status not only in the Far East, and are regarded as among the greatest and most famous Hong Kong comic series of the 1980’s.

Gunblade Saga was developed based on the Unreal 2.5 Engine and offers various new features, in addition to all the classical elements.

The engaging background story takes the player to a fictional China in the year 1930, its people are brutally suppressed by corrupt local rulers. Any resistance is nipped in the bud. After the family of the young Hua is killed by a greedy tyrant, he takes bloody revenge and then must flee to the USA. There he becomes entangled in the conflicts of various clans and mafia associations. As a member of one of these organizations, the player becomes part of this story and either takes sides with Hua or opposes him when they repeatedly encounter him in the game.

Gunblade Saga is published by with English and German versions, at the moment only the German version is available.

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