Grand Epic Online

Grand Epic Online is the best free browser-based mmorpg game of 2011. The game is in real-time combat mode, completely free of charge!

Grand Epic Online adopts the real-time action combat mode, instead of the too-commonly-seen turn-based one for browser games with certain technical breakthroughs made. Besides the richness of oriental characteristics, this innovative MMORPG introduces multiple other well-received features to enhance the gameplay, such as quest auto-navigation, pet raising, beast ridding, and unprecedented polymorphic transformation, etc.

Grand Epic bases its story on the strife between Chiyou and the Yellow Emperor who later becomes the ancestors of Chinese. The real legend goes to the ending that Chiyou is defeated, while the Yan Emperor starts a new history. Nevertheless, the legend in the game will take you to nowhere because the legend contributes little to the progression of the game.
There are many missions in the game. But they are independent individually, having little connection with the legend.

Grand Epic allows players to enhance their reaction to attacks through the setting of shortcut keys. But a quick response to attacks can only be achieved after a series of practice, which can be difficult to remember.

The pets and monsters in the game are cute and useful. Pets can help in the battles and contribute a lot to your upgrades. Monsters are also very useful, you can combine its ability with yours.

Grand Epic Online Videos

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