Gnome Town

Gnome Town is an exciting new adventure game only available on Facebook! It’s time to leave the city behind and rejoin the Gnomes of the Enchanted Forest. Meet the Wise Old Gnome who needs your help to stop the Evil Gnome from terrorizing the entire forest. Save forest critters! Defeat the Evil Gnome! Build a Gnome Town!

You, a Gnome, have escaped the drudgery of city life by going to the Shrouded Forest, a place you’ve heard so much about from other Gnomes. Once you arrive you discover all is not well. The Evil Gnome King has taken over the forest and its up to you to save it.

Use machete’s to explore the Enchanted Forest. Keep an eye out for trapped forest critters, and renewable resources that will be beneficial to your thriving Gnome Town. Be sure to clear your land along the way to get resources for your thriving town.

Using resources you’ve acquired while exploring the forest, build a home for yourself to keep you and the forest critters safe and happy. Keep on building up your town to entice your friends from the suburbs to join your forest family.

Be sure to plant and harvest crops to nurture your forest critters. When they are well fed they will help you build your town faster.

You probably know already but Gnomes are very social creatures. Build your town a tavern as soon as possible so that you can invite gnomes over from other towns.

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