Forsakia is a 3D Browser-Based MMORPG that utilizes next-generation Flash technologies to offer a complete MMORPG experience without a download,  this means that you’ll be able to play Forsakia directly through your web browser.

The first of Forsakia’s innovative elements is its epic story arc. While not an innovative element in its own right, having a cohesive, comprehensible, and most importantly, interesting story arc in a Browser-Based MMORPG is something I think we’ve all been waiting for. Learn about the cruel clan wars that exterminated the powerful leaders of the ancient clans and left the world in chaos. This is a first of epic stories in browser games!

Then there’s the Play-vs-Player (PvP) content. Forsakia has focused much of its gameplay on PvP, offering players a high-quality, action-packed experience right out the gate. Additionally, you can train pets to assist you in your PvP exploits adding a new and refreshing dynamic to the genre, and the game.

The player housing system of Forsakia is probably the best of all browser games you have ever played this far. Your house in Forsakia will serve as a base of operations in the game, and offer you a good variety of features to help break away from any ‘grind-style’ questing and levelling.

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