Flyff Online or Fly For Fun, is one of the most adored and charming Free-to-Play MMORPG of our time. Flyff is one of the first titles to introduce free roaming flight, it possesses a vast amount of content that is constantly being updated, and it caters to audiences both young and old. The game is easy to learn and addictive yet hard to master.

Fly For Fun is also a very social game, with a vibrant community that offers much in the way of making friends to further each individual’s enjoyment throughout their playtime. It is one that plays to the massively multiplayer aspect well, that is an infinitely magical experience when you’re sharing it with other people.

FlyFF places you, the player, in the fantastic land known as Madrigal. It is home to magical creatures and fearsome monsters known as Masquerpets. From above, the gods and goddesses Bubble, Iblis and Shade preside.

What you do throughout your stay in Madrigal is entirely up to you. You’re free to go right out and hunt monsters, do some quests, explore, or even simply sit and chat with the other players—you’d be surprised at who you’ll meet and what you’ll learn from doing so.

Progress in Fly For Fun is made by gaining experience points and leveling up. The more monsters you kill and the more quests you do reward you with experience to grow your character and to enable you to become more powerful. It’s a long road to becoming one of the legendary Heroes of Madrigal, but the journey there is every bit as exciting and rewarding once you set upon that path.

Fly For Fun Online features:

  • Classes – There will be several classes for you to choose from. You’ll start off as the basic newbie class, the Vagrant, and from there you’ll change into another once you have a good concept of how the game is played. You will start off with four classes to choose from, and later you’ll be able to choose two others depending on your preference.
  • Guilds – Every Guild is a family, a team, a governing body. There is the Master/Leader, the Kingpins, the Captains, the Supporters, and the Rookies. They all guard each other and work together to create relationships and as a small active community; they play together, level, shop, PvP, and especially Clock War together. Each Guild is almost like a tribe, they compete against other Guilds and strive to be the best Guild in their Cluster.
  • Flight – This one of the first games to introduce free roaming flight in an MMORPG. It is a fun mode of transportation that will allow you to explore Madrigal at soaring heights. Take to the skies for breathtaking views of the land, engage in aerial combat with evil monsters, or participate in the weekly Rainbow Race.
  • Pets – Even when soloing, you’re able to bring along cute and eccentric pets to keep you company! There are three kinds of pets in the game: Pick-up Pets, Buff Pets and Raised pets.
  • PVP – While primarily PvE (Player vs Environment) focused, there is still an enormous amount of PvP (player vs player) content to keep competitive minded players happy and absorbed for hours on end. Indeed, the PvP experience is not only visceral and action packed, but highly rewarding.
  • Instanced Dungeons – Introduced in v14 and continuing with v15, Instanced Dungeons are highly dangerous dungeon zones designed for just you and your party. Unlike the other dungeons, instances can only be entered by a party and once in, you will only encounter Masquerpets or monsters and not other players who do not belong to your party. This means that you and your friends do not have to share hard earned loot with other players that are not contributing to the overall goal of tackling the dungeon.

Gameplay videos

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