Fliplife is a Virtual World Simulation game for everybody – in particular for those who want to pursue their dream job and make many new friends. The best part is that it is 100% free, and there is no need to install additional software! To get started, you first create your personal avatar. Choose from among a wide variety of hairstyles, eyes, noses and much more. Don’t worry; you can always change your look again later on.

When you first get started, you should go to work and start making money. You will need this cash later on! Go to the career tab and pick a promising project to work on. Working will use some of your energy. Energy is refilled automatically over time. As you complete projects, you will climb the career ladder and gain access to more interesting and lucrative projects.

If waiting for your energy to refill is taking too long, you can accelerate the process by going out and partying! You can find parties in the free time tab. Why not visit the Oktoberfest (unlocked after you’ve reached level 3)? At parties, you can buy rounds of drinks and snacks for you and your friends. The more you spend, the higher the fun-o-meter. But be careful that it doesn’t go too high, because then the party gets out of control and you won’t receive the party jackpot bonus!

By participating in sports events, you can enhance your endurance (energy capacity). This allows you to take longer breaks while still advancing quickly in Fliplife. You can find sports events in the free time tab. When you win a tournament, your energy capacity increases. With some luck and the right equipment, which be purchased at the Fliplife shopping mall, you will be winning in no time!

At the Fliplife shopping mall you can get a great outfit and lots of useful items, such as energy drinks and sports equipment. These give you additional in-game advantages. Later on, you will even be able to buy and furnish your own home!

Over time, the players you do activities with will become your closest friends. Additionally, you can have a partner in Fliplife! Isn’t that romantic?

The most successful players occupy the top positions in the rankings. There are dedicated rankings for sports, career and overall achievement. Will you make it to the top?

Fliplife Video

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