Ether Saga Odyssey

Ether Saga Odyssey is an anime MMORPG where players can transform into monsters and fight alongside combat pets in battle. A light hearted adventure, Ether Saga Odyssey promises a fun-filled journey that is always best travelled with a friend or two.

Pets play a big role in your adventures in Ether Saga. Pets can be used to help you fight, defend and even heal your character. You can also fuse with a pet, which would result in your pet taking half of your incoming damage.

In ESO players can transform into monsters to help give you distinct advantages in battle. Like pets, each transformation type is part of a monster family. Transforming into a specific monster type will give you distinct advantages over other monster families. To transform into a monster, you would have to obtain a transformation card.


  • 4 Distinct Races with 8 Advanced Classes – Each race has a unique look, mission and play style
  • Character Customization – Customize the facial features and fashion of your character, choose from 9 different crafting and gathering skills as well as a variety of professions
  • Pet Training System – Pets have a great importance in ESO. With hundreds of pets to capture and tame, summon and train them to battle with you, while creating stronger breeds with new abilities
  • Monster Card System – Collect monster cards, transform into monsters as well as gain access to new attributes and skills
  • Mini Games – Play a variety of fun casual games simultaneously as you complete quests
  • Ease of Access and Play – Visual aids and integrated Navigation System with auto-route feature provide for a better user interface

Ether Saga Videos

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