Eredan GT

Eredan GT is a free to play, 2D browser based role playing game set in an original medieval fantasy universe developed by Feerik : Eredan.

Eredan-GT takes place in a faraway land named Yses, a full civil war has exploded following the assassination of King Gaumatta. A Grand Tournament is organized in order to select the new King of Yses. Each nation is free to participate therefore all Nations call upon their greatest heroes with hope of victory.

In Eredan Gt players will have to pick one of the 5 Nations. Through his travels and adventures, he will discover new fighting techniques, hundreds of weapons and armor. Each one of his feats, quests, victories in battle will bring Honor points to his Nation. This will be decisive to the final battle!

The quests enables you to follow the game’s adventure and to understand the assassination of the Gaumata family. By completing different objectives, the player will be rewarded with money, experience and unique items. While moving foward through the game, the player can unlock new zones.

Key Features:

  • Role play game in the original Eredan Universe
  • 60 levels, more than 1350 quests, 300 trophies
  • PVP combat, Nation battles, Arena tournaments
  • Updates and new content on a monthly basis

Gameplay Tutorial (French)

Additional Resources:

Official Eredan GT GuideFacebook PageForumWiki

Also available with Facebook Connect.

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