EpicDuel is a free to play PVP-focused massively multiplayer game that plays in your web browser. Create a custom character and engage your friends in strategic turn-based combat!

EpicDuel offers three unique character classes:

  • Tech Mage – a class skilled in technology and effective with energy based weapons
  • Bounty Hunter – a balanced class, most effective with mounted wrist blades
  • Mercenary – a stronger but slower class most effective with melee weapons

The world is designed as a series of screens each with several interactive hotspots. As you move your mouse over hotspots and near edges of the screen, you’ll notice your cursor change to a directional arrow. This arrow indicates that you have encountered a hotspot and can move your character to the nearby area by left-clicking on the hotspot.

In addition to hotspots, you will also encounter several non-player characters (NPCs). NPCs drive the storyline of the game, and sell items. Be sure to click on each NPC you encounter to learn more about the game and discover the best weapons.

EpicDuel gameplay videos

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