Einherjar, The Viking Blood

Einherjar, The Viking Blood is an all Japanese browser based 2D online game combining turn-based tactic and RPG elements where players will play as Viking leaders.

The Storyline

A thousand years ago, there were some seafaring adventurers bringing fear and terror to the whole North Seas region. They are Vikings. To them, death is as light as feather. They have become a symbol of courage, wildness, and fearlessness, and their spirits wander eternally. They have come back to the mightiest God Odin to continue their fights againts forces of evil.

Living in harsh environment, Vikings became tougher and stronger than other races. They put all their efforts into daily training to prepare for long expeditions across the seas. They are not only brave warriors but also experienced traders. Fighting and trading have gone deeply into their blood veins. But they don’t fight alone, they are a solid community obeying their greatest leader. A Viking leader is a superior warrior who has earned tremendous victories on battlefields and own a remarkable skill of summoning warriors in order to defeat wicked enemies and earn fame.

Each player will play as a chieftain of a Viking clan battling to rule the kingdom and sail across the oceans to discover new land areas. The farther the expeditions are, fiercer battles will be awaiting you. The brutal wars between the Good and Bad, Justice and Evil, goes on endlessly…

Game features:

  • 6 different jobs or classes to choose, Axe Fighter, Sword Fighter, Spear Fighter, Archer, Sister and Half Elf.
  • Turn based tactical battles
  • Play guide
  • Option to change jobs at higher levels
  • Other than recruiting units at the square or reproduction, fulfill special requirements to receive special units.
  • Summoning heroes and braves is one of convenient functions that uses Power. Without completing difficult quests or raiding to collect proof items, you still have chances to summon special units and units with high Job level.
  • Cold sleep moves a unit into an ice coffin to freeze that character to open a space to recruit more units. As for units in cold sleep, their ages will be the same although the time keeps on passing.
  • The Einherjar system is where you can combine special materials to create new items.
    You can get the required materials by sacrificing your units to the God.

Trailers and Gameplay videos

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