Edragon Online

Edragon Online is a 2d complex and exciting browser mmorpg game published by LeKool which managed to incorporate a large amount of rpg features into a browser based game.

Set in the fantasy world of Dragon Age where six races such as Assassin, Caster, Saber, Vagrant, Berserker and Knight confront each other with unique characteristics and background.

Combat is turn based, and the battles are automated which makes this an easy game to play.

There are three kinds of equipments: weapons, armors and jewelries. All of the weapons can increase the attack power of the role significantly. Every role can equip one weapon only. The armors include helmets, coats, trousers, belts, shoes, gloves and cloaks. The jeweries include necklaces and waist accessories.

You start by creating your hero, after which you will see some basic information and attributes of your characters such as Reputation, Arena Ranking Point, Max Honor Points and Activities of capturing or liberating Slaves.

All of properties in your Character profile is to serve your battle in PVP and PVE. Abilities range from Attack power, Defence force, Hitting rate and Dodging rate.

The game is set into scenes, which are divided into levels, every scene has a scene level, indicating the level of the scene. The levels range from 1 to 3. clicking on constructions in first level scene will direct you to the next level scene, namely the second level scene; clicking on constructions in second level scene will direct you to the next level scene, namely the third (last) level scene.

Edragon online features PVP and PVE, item and weapon crafting, chat, etc.

Every player can have up to 20 friends and enemies. If you want to add more friends or enemies, you can click the “expand list”, which costs 2 gold per person.

After adding someone to your friends or enemies, you can see his or her level, race, faction and so on. In addition, you can send messages to your friends or enemies.

Trailers and gameplay Videos

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