Eden Eternal

Eden Eternal, also known as Finding Neverland Online, is a free to play anime styled 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by X-Legend and published by Aeria Games.

One of the most distinctive feature of this game is that you are not limited to one class per character, so you can start as a Warrior or Magician, then freely swap between classes as you unlock them. As you progress through Eden Eternal you will discover a total of 12 playable classes, from the nimble Thief to the mystical Shaman!

The class system is composed of 5 branches, each with 2-3 classes. Every 10 levels or so, you’ll unlock another playable class. Begin your adventure as a Warrior or Magician. As you progress, you’ll unlock up to 10 additional playable classes. Each branch has a set of unique skills available to all the branch classes, in addition to the set of class skills.

In Eden Eternal your guild can build their very own town! Construct and upgrade buildings for various uses as you help your guild create a private bustling neighborhood.

Trailer and gameplay videos

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