Dungeon Fighter Online

Dungeon Fighter Online, is a 2D, side-scrolling action MMORPG. There are two types of game play. You can either enter the many dungeons — alone or with friends in a party — killing monsters and vanquishing evil. OR you can go into the Arena and fight your fellow Dungeon Fighters in player-versus-player combat.


6 Classes to choose from:

Thief – Trained by the dark shadows of her home, her stealth attacks are felt even before her enemies are aware of her presence.

Female Gunner – Newest to the classes, her speed and unerring discipline sets her apart from the rest. And though she too is a Gunner, she’s got her own firearm style.

Slayer – A swordsman of the highest caliber, doomed to carry with him the demon Kazan, who possesses his body.

Fighter – A gladiator who thrives in close-range hand-to-hand combat, in which she exploits a wide assortment of bone-shattering fighting techniques.

Male Gunner – Tall and lithe, a Male Gunner marks his targets from afar and then blows them away with every kind of firearm imaginable.

Mage – Wielding magical powers to subjugate the monstrous horrors of the dungeons, a Mage taps into the mystical energies of the otherworldly.

Priest – Driven by faith, a Priest is spurred into violent action against the resurrection of the evil Ozma and his legions of marauding minions.

Trailers and gameplay Videos

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