Dreamland Online

Dreamland Online is a 3D MMORPG browser game, developed by IGG. The game includes a wide variety of unique, cute elements that are sure to wow gaming fans around the globe as they take a trip into a world of fantasies spun variously from the darkest recesses of the mind or the wildest flights of fancy.

IGG offers a client-based version of the game, but the Facebook version is fully playable as a browser-based game. The only requirement is that players download and install the Kalydo Player plug-in.

Dreamland Online itself has the look and feel of a very standard , free Asian MMORPG. While the characters are full 3D, the game uses a side-scrolling point-of-view, which means characters are primarily viewed from certain angles.

You begin as a generic character and then can choose to adopt one of four classes at level 10: Warrior, Archer, Magician, or Rogue. Each class has specific skills learned from spellbooks, and they can then be further specialized into one of two variants after level 41.

You can also recruit pets to fight at your side. You start by exploring  town areas full of NPCs who will give out quests, and dungeons are accessed through portals found in towns.

Dreamland Online offers everything you might expect from an MMO game,  guilds, chat, and other social features..

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