Dragonica Online

Dragonica Online is a free to play manga-style online action game from gPotato. It mixes fast paced game play with visually beautiful artwork, it’s latest chapter, Dragonica New Origin is the latest release.

Dragonica’s combat has a special combo system that you can take advantage of to increase your exp. The more consecutive hits you land on your enemies, the higher your combo count at the right side of your screen. See how high you can make your combo, because the bigger the combo, the bigger the exp bonus!



Warriors constantly seek strength. They might seem to be daredevils due to their desire for power, but are gifted with sharp minds and a good combat sense. With high Health and Strength, their melee capabilities in both attack and defense make themselves the ideal vanguard in all battles.


Wise beyond their years, Magicians love magic above all else. Considered studious recluses, they were often cloistered in the Magi Academy for much of their lives. This has all begun to change as Elga’s dark influence begins to threaten their way of life. No book-bound cowards to be dismissed on a battlefield, Magicians of all disciplines make up for frailer bodies with high ranged-damage output and jovially refer to their new way of life as “putting theory in practice”.


Archers are ranged physical-damage combatants proficient at swift hit-and-run tactics. Besides making up for low damage-per-hit with an extremely high attack rate, Archers are also dangerous for their ability to launch opponents into the air, thereby incapacitating them while racking up the damage with lightning-quick shots.


Growing up in the harsh back alleys was all the training these elusive denizens needed to become the premier melee damage dealers of Dragonica . Combining agility and power, these claw-wielders are able to deal huge amounts of burst damage up-close, with the primary objective of taking down enemies before receiving much damage themselves.

Trailer and Gameplay Videos


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