Dragona: Expedition of Bartan

Dragona: Expedition of Bartan is free to play 3D fantasy based MMO developed by LivePlex Corporation and published by GameClub.Com, that offers a highly different type of storyline, gameplay systems and features, pvp, character transformation and high definition graphic display of environment which is very appealing to players.

The game has a unique and astonishing Dragon Transformation System that enables the player to fuse their character with the power of Dragons. With this awesome type of power the player enable to go into dragon transformation mode in which you can turn parts of your body or your full body into a dragon to be able to overcome types of quest and battle system within the game.

The Auto notification is a function for displaying messages, alerts and updates on the screen. A notice icon will appear automatically in the top right corner of the screen. This notice indicates events such as the acquisition of a Bijou quest, transaction with other players or the beginning of Battle Arena. With this feature, it will make the players gaming experience a great ease.

Dragona presents an exceptional and challenging pvp system called “Battle Arena”. The skirmish is held at a designated time every day and it is an instant siege battles were anyone can participate. The Battle Arena is solely divided into two parts the Battle of Celebration and the Battle of Might, both usually held every 2 hours. The Battle of Celebration is held for 30 minutes in 100 on 100 matches, and the Battle of Might is carried out for 10 minutes in 3 on 3, 6 on 6, and 36 on 36 matches. Each match is held in 30 minute intervals. Here players can test their character build, skill and progression that they made within their entire Dragona gameplay.

In Dragona you can choose from 4 different races, human, Kalis, Eldin and Catcha, each with 2 different classes.


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