Dark Blood, Action-Brawler MMORPG

Dark Blood is a new free-to-play hardcore action RPG arcade brawler with epic PVP published by Outspark for North America and Europe,set in a fantasy realm where only the strong survive.

Players travel 500 years into the future to save a world threatened by a demon prophesized to have escaped capture. The player must relearn all skills lost in the journey and master the mysterious power of great fallen heroes to rid the world of evil. Bringing arcade thrills and chills online, this rapid-fire, side-scrolling, hack n slash brawler offers joystick controls, gamepad support, play as boss unlocks, and jaw-dropping customizations.

Dark Blood had a midnight launch of their open beta yesterday, where fans, anxiously awaiting the reopening of the game, rushed in to secure their character names and were delighted to find brand new arcade controls.

“We listen to our fans! They wanted Joystick and gamepad support and we made it happen. We had such a blast with them during closed beta and all the amazing gameplay videos they created, we’re really looking forward to working with their talents,” said Philip Yun, CEO, Outspark. “Many thanks to developer JCR Soft and licensor GameHi for helping us bring this truly electrifying game to the West. Dark Blood, no doubt, will reign as the free-to-play fighting game for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush!”

You can chat with the Dark Blood team starting today at 12pm PT, when the Dark Blood Streamathon kicks off. WATCH * PLAY * WIN exclusive power packs and valuable customization codes with celebrity hosts Pico Mause of Curse, RipperX of MMORPG, and Kyt Dotson of GameOgre. Dark Blood fans are invited to stream along for random rewards. Programming details are here: http://www.facebook.com/events/323346147757007/.

Players can look forward to frequent content updates, and in just one week, on Thursday, July 26, Outspark will be releasing a sizable content drop for Dark Blood including a level cap raise, the grand opening of the store with premium items, and popular in-game events including Race To The Top and Fight Nights.

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