Cultures Online

Cultures Online is a browser-based Massively Multiplayer Online, strategy and Role-Playing Game. Where you can test your skill against other Vikings and chat with other players in the forum.

Your hero’s adventure starts in his or her village way in the icy north on an island somewhere in the vicinity of Iceland. Hire more Vikings and decide whether you want them to help you expand your village or to accompany your hero on raiding expeditions. Bear in mind, though, that only your heroes will be able to make the other Vikings in the village work. You choose how your village should develop. Are you more the warrior type, a builder, or a great researcher? Your decision will influence the opportunities that become available to you.

Your hero’s class is defined by the weapon he or she uses. How well your hero can use that weapon depends on their skills. A strong hero should leave his bow at home and instead pick up a two-handed battleaxe while a very intelligent hero will be deadly with a bow. Each weapon type can be used especially effectively against one type of weapon but might be less effective against another type.



The warrior is specialized in battle with a single-hand weapon and a shield. He needs to be very dexterous and can take a lot of damage, but doesn’t cause as much damage as some other heroes might. Warriors are best off working as a lumberjack while they’re at home.


The berserker is a crazed Viking who relies on his massive two-handed weapons. He needs a lot of strength to be able to wield such a heavy weapon. Therefore a berserker is best off working in the quarry when not off pillaging.


A ranger uses long-range weapons to defeat his opponents before they can even reach him. To make the best use of these weapons, the ranger needs to be very intelligent. Rangers are best off researching in the alchemist’s workshop when not off on expedition.


  • Adorable heroes and beautiful buildings right in your web browser
  • Easy-to-learn battle system
  • Turn your Viking village into a metropolis
  • Research new technologies
  • Band together with friends to form a tribe and take on quests together
  • Equip your hero with items you find
  • Play online and be part of a massive community

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