Crystal Legacy

Crystal Legacy is a browser based, free to play,  2.5D MMORPG by Xixigames where players explore treasure, hunt for valuable items, slay creatures and communicate with buddies in the world of Vidalia. Crystal Legacy is also know as Crystal Saga or Saga of Hero published by different companies.

The Story

You’ve been resurrected to back into this life of war, restoring your spirit to fight in this worldwide turmoil, taking the guidance of the sorcerer’s alliance to vanquish those who seek to destroy your realm and wipe out life in the realm.

Your road ahead remains a mystery, surrounded by chaos, violence and discord, your lone guiding light shines in the hands of the protectors of the magic crystal.

Draw your sword, use your infinite potential and fearless spirit, seize your destiny with the magic crystal! Use your mystical treasure to eradicate evil on the realm! Uphold justice at all costs!


  • No need to download, just click to start
  • Five Classes: Knights, priests, sorcerers, rogues, demons, and spirits
  • Gorgeous pets and mounts
  • Abundant equipment to strengthen your character
  • Exciting Events
  • Vast amounts of tasks and missions
  • Enormous realm to explore
  • Vicious battle styles
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
  • Facebook Connect

Gameplay Video

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