CrimeCraft Bleedout is a 3D third-person MMO shooter that combines the best aspects of a Shooter and a MMORPG to Create an action packed world of competition, economy and community. Crime Craft is set in a fictional city of the near future, after an ecological disaster of unprecedented scale.

Join thousands of players online as you learn the rules of the street, build your own gang and do whatever it takes to survive.

  • MMORPG Shooter – CrimeCraft takes the best persistent world RPG features (thousands of other players, loot, guilds/gangs, crafting, trading, missions, skills, PvE and PvP Combat) and combines it with the action and skill based gameplay of a shooter.
  • Free Updates – Frequent huge free content updates. Previous updates have added: player controlled nightclubs, new maps, new gameplay modes, new weapons, new skills, tournaments (daily, weekly and monthly), etc…
  • Gang warfare – Join a gang, recruit members, pool resources, outfit your gang crib, compete in gang-only tournaments and establish “street cred” for your crew based on individual and team-based dominance in battle.
  • Free to play – Play as long as you want for free.

Bleedout expansion:

  • Weekly episodes – Each week a new episode of the gripping story will be released with 2½ hours of new story based missions.
  • Comic book allstars – Featuring art from Tim Bradstreet, Ben Templesmith, Nathan Fox, Zach Howard, Sanford Greene, David Williams, Gary Erskine, Howard Chaykin, Glenn Fabry, Vince Proce and Trevor Hairsine.
  • New Age of Ruin – The three major community areas (Downtown, Oceanside and Midtown) have undergone a radical transformation to supply the perfect ambiance to the unfolding tale of political intrigue.
  • Pay your way – Episodic content will be automatically available for free for all Deluxe or Premium CrimeCraft subscribers and available for individual purchase for free players.

CrimeCraft Bleedout Walkthrough Videos


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