Conclave is a cooperative web-based online RPG that you can play either asynchronously or synchronously. Developed by 10×10 Room, Conclave is designed to make it as easy as possible for parties of players to have the fun of a tabletop RPG, but without the huge time commitment or the difficulty getting a group of people together.

No Flash means you can play it equally well from your iOS device as your desktop or Android phone.  Take turns as you have the chance; the game will move at your collective pace.  The first quests in the game are free; after that, you pay $7.99 to unlock many more.

You can read on the blog page of Conclave:

We’ve put a ton of work into the game, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to show it off. We don’t think anyone else has made a game quite like it. A multiplayer RPG set in an original fantasy world that you can play from any web-enabled PC, tablet, or phone? And that you can play whenever you have a few minutes of free time, even if you and your friends have different schedules? Sounds kind of crazy even to us, really.


Quest honors: When you complete a quest for the first time, you’ll now receive an Honor for it. (We’ve granted Honors retroactively to everyone who should have them.) You can see all your Honors in the sidebar of your account’s home page, and we’ll be doing more with them in the future.

  • When you’re adventuring alone, you won’t be sent any quest-, challenge-, or round-related notifications. No sense in sending you email about something you just did.
  • When you’re in a party, you can disable challenge- and round-related notifications for your character from your account’s home page. You’ll still receive notifications for quest-related events, like someone in your party abandoning your old quest or starting a new one.
  • The game now notifies you when someone accepts an invitation to join your party.
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