City of Steam

City of Steam is a browser-based, free to play online RPG (MMORPG using the Unity 3D engine) set in an industrial world that is only just rediscovering mythwork technologies of its ancient past. A revolution of clockworks, steamworks, combustion and the lighter-than-air phlogiston, push the diverse races of The Mechanism to new heights or depths.

City of Steam evokes an industrial age fantasy set in a mechanical world during an industrial revolution where the boundaries between science and magic have begun to blur, where humanoid steam toilers patrol the streets and leviathan airships float just above the rooftops.

Expansive metropolitan cities built on years of neglect and abandon allow untold evils to thrive within the heart of its intricate networks of pipes, gears and towering spires. It is up to the new age of hardy adventurers to aid the Triumvirs, the local governing body, to rid and clean up the depths and heights of the city.

The game is based on The New Epoch, a series of table-top game books written by David Lindsay.

9 Races to choose from, each with one favored class:

  • Heartlanders
  • Avens
  • Ostenians
  • Stoigmari
  • Draug
  • Riven
  • Goblins
  • Hobbes
  • Orcs

Available classes:


Armed with state-of-the-art aetheric manipulators, the Arcanist wields the fury of the elements against any enemies foolish enough to approach. A variety of Fire, Ice, and Lightning abilities provide them with a wide array of tactical options.


Much of the appeal of the New Epoch’s new generation of firearms is that anyone, given time and training, can use one. Gunners, however, prove that unlocking the true potential of these weapons can’t be so easily taught. Whether they stalk individual targets with the art of Sharpshooting, conjure occult effects with Trigger Magic, or utilize the varied abilities of Support Fire, Gunners are indispensable ranged combatants.


Heirs to a millennia-old martial tradition, Warders are the first line of defense against the enemies of those they serve. Whether they stand against inhuman beasts or petty thieves, Warders meet their opponents with righteous fury. Although Warders tend to favor one of many regional traditions, they are united in a common focus on personal Duty, unflinching Leadership, and swift, punishing Judgment of enemies.


Whether they draw from ancient Church hymnals or perform their own compositions, Channelers’ powerful melodies move the Mechanism to bring their allies into martial Harmony, restore them with Faith, and punish the unworthy with blinding Radiance.

City of Steam trailer and gameplay videos

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