Castle of Heroes

Castle of Heroes is the European version of Heroes of Gaia, a free strategy browser MMO game developed by Snail Company and published by GPotato. In Castle of Heroes you play with tens of thousands of other players online in this medieval fantasy world as you build your Castle, gather an army, forge alliances and lead your Heroes into epic adventures and slay fearful creatures that roam the land.

The first thing that strikes you when you see your Castle is that this is a very good looking game. The art is fantastic and very few browser games, if any, have such pleasing visuals. PC gaming veterans will instantly recognize this as the Castle menu where the player acquires resources, summons Heroes, builds units for war and performs other more domestic affairs.

In your Castle, there are five critical resources: Lumber, Ore, Sulphur, Crystal and Gold. All of these are needed to construct buildings or train units, and they increase at an hourly rate even if you are not logged into the game. By gaining experience and leveling up, your resource output will increase gradually so you can eventually build a formidable fortress and assemble a massive army.

For now though, you will end up with one Hero and a handful of units after completing the beginner tutorial. You can now go out and beat up some beasties.

Game features:

Innovative World Terrain Map mode.

Currently, the world map interfaces of all (Strategy) browser games are very static, troop movement only occurs in straight lines and is normally unseen by the player. Castle of Heroes however will change this and incorporate more advanced movement system starting a new era of browser based games.

Controllable, more realistic, and more exciting combat system

First, players have more direct control over combat in this game. This means that the player can issue commands directly to his troops during combat, such as ordering the troops to advance and retreat, stand by and cast hero spells, which makes combat more strategic.
Second, players are also able to view the combat taking place. Seeing your Heroes cast spells and your troops attacking the enemy should provide players with a real atmosphere of war.
These two features are not contained in any other browser games on the market.

Hero Development System

Although Castle of Heroes is a browser game focusing on strategy, we also incorporate many RPG elements. The most important of which is hero development as Heroes play a vital role in a war.
There are several ways to develop your heroes, for example:
Hero Attribute Points: Add points to your heroes’ different attributes to increase their power.
Hero Spells/Skills: Research and teach your heroes various combat spells.
Equipment: Buy or loot equipment to boost your heroes’ power.
Forging and Enchanting:
These extensive RPG elements are more in-depth than other browser based games and will give players a much greater sense of accomplishment for developing their heroes.

Game Graphics

Compared with other browser games on the market, Castle of Heroes is a lot more graphically detailed. When entering the game, you will immediately be immersed in a beautiful and detailed living world.

Game resources:

Game Forum

Castle Of Heroes trailer and gameplay videos

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