Canaan Online World

Canaan Online is a free to play browser MMORPG by GPotato, where you can adventure with your friends, explore a dungeons, capture powerful pets and train them up, craft items for yourself or to sell or join a guild and make new friends?


There are four different classes: Warrior, Mage, Ranger, and Priest.

Warriors are close combat fighters who like to be in the thick of battle.Encased in heavy armour they are protected from the strongest physical blows.

Mages are highly intelligent with a natural affinity for controlling the elements.A crackling ice storm or a raging wall of fire on the battlefield is a sure sign a Mage is nearby.

Trained to be lethally accurate with a bow, Rangers like to pick off their targets from a distance while the enemy is distracted. They have the highest dexterity which increases their damage as well as avoidance. They are agile and deadly, attacking with fearsome speed and accuracy.

Priests are blessed with the ability to control light and darkness.
While they are widely known for their powerful heals and buffs, they also have command of dark magic which can make them fierce adversaries.


Many creatures in the Canaan world can be captured and trained as pets, from the hard shelled Turtle, to the ferocious three headed Cerberus. Pets can be traded with other players and each pet even of the same type can have its own unique set of skills and attributes. It is also possible to combine pets to form an even more powerful version of the original!

Crafting – Not only can you craft items, but you can also upgrade equipment to keep it current with your level.


In Canaan Online, you can join a player created guild where you can play with other people, and talk to them in the special guild chat channel. If you would prefer to create your own guild, you can do this by visiting the Guild Administrator NPC in the cities when you reach level 30.


When two people love each other very, very much… In Canaan Online you can get married to your partner, or even just to a really good friend! Show that special someone how much you love them by asking them to marry you!

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