Brawl Busters

Brawl Busters, is an online multiplayer action combat game, that brings a brand new free-to-play experience to gamers from all over the world. Featuring innovative gameplay and a signature offbeat style like no other, Brawl Busters is about to take the genre to a whole new level. Controls are intuitive and easy to learn, letting players focus on one thing: becoming World-Class Busters.

Players have full access to five unique classes: Boxer, Firefighter, Rocker, Slugger and Blitzer. Each class has its own unique moves, strengths and weaknesses as well as an extensive range of customization options. With a variety of single-player and multi-player modes available, it appeals to a wide range of players.

Brawl Busters is the first of its kind in the action combat genre!  There’s a ton of customization options for you to style your Busters any way you want from body type to weapons to costumes. Now it’s time to bust out your skills in this online multiplayer, individual missions or co-op combat modes.

Hosting tournaments, organizing forum events and interacting through social media, the Brawl Busters Team also offers an outstanding gaming community to players as well!

Key features:

  • Online multiplayer action game from third person perspective
  • Unique and unconventional animation style
  • Online competitive and cooperative modes allow for fighting against other players or computer opponents
  • Easily accessible and easy to play thanks to intuitive control
  • Team Strategy as a key to the game in high levels
  • 7 maps available
  • Many options for customization: body, sex, weapons, costumes and accessories
  • Weapons and costumes can be improved with new abilities
  • Training mode, challenge missions, constant update of statistics, rankings and much more

Brawl Busters gameplay videos

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