Being Human

Being Human is a browser based,  role playing Facebook game based on the  BBC series with the same name, about three house mates who happen to be a werewolf, vampire and their ghost, and their quest to come to terms with who they are.

Being Human lets you play the role of the vampire, and you have to follow the storyline, with multiple quests, the first ones help get around with the game controls and mechanics, and also allow you to find your other 2 companions, a ghost and a werewolf, each one has a special skill that will become handy in several situation, for example the ghost can teleport herself to closed locations.

Being Human uses familiar game mechanics, point and click to explore, move or search locations and fight foes, the game graphics are pretty nice and the music soundtrack is suited for the genre.

You also have your own apartment that you can decorate with multiple items along the game, gain experience and balance 2 major factors, humanity and reputation, these will affect your aura which is a combination of both. Humanity or reputation also have levels, that you can increase with your actions.

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