Aurora Blade

Aurora Blade is a browser based MMORPG, published by IGG,  based on western sorcery and knightly combat, offers players a fantastic game world in which players act as warriors and fight with monsters and other evil forces with only the strength of their swords and the strength of their will.

They fight to protect their land and maintain their way of life. Aurora Blade features all the best characteristics and advantages of PC games, MMORPGs and browser based games in one slick package.

Game features:

4 Classes to choose from: Warrior, Mage, Knight and Priest, each with different skills.

The AFK system in Aurora Blade offers your character a chance to level up as well even if you are far away from your keyboard. Talk to the “Hotel Attendant” in the Dak of any cities to have a rest. It offers you a double exp scope which helps you obtain double exp while killing monsters. The higher the character level is, the more double exp you will obtain.

The gears that you obtained from monsters and/or have bought can be upgraded. You can definitely improve the level of your gears including two-handed weapons, one-handed weapons, ranged weapons, magic weapons, breastplate, padding, leggings, shoes and assistant hand gears.

Players can buy a pair of rings from the Love Sister in the Church of the Aurora Seaport and then hold a wedding. There is no gender limitation. According to players’ marriage duration, they can obtain different marriage titles.

Competing is quite different from PK and more like a friendly duel. Players can find the answers to how to become a competition leader by equipping different gear sets, how to use many skills in combination and also some smart ways to operate, through competing. When you compete, you get a chance to earn the respect of your opponents or even to make friends with them. However, one of the main attractions of competing has to be the fantastic rewards!

Aurora Blade trailer and gameplay videos

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