Angels Online

Angels Online is a unique 2D Fantasy MMORPG published by IGG. This Anime-style MMO allows players to build their own heaven. Dress up, shape-shift and take your lovely pets on an epic adventure to become part of an angel legacy.

Angels Online lets you choose from 15 different character classes, each with special spells and skills, which are divided into several types, Magic, Melee, Dart, Collection and manufacture skills, which count up to nearly 40 Class Skills and hundreds of spells, which will definitely allow our players to pursue their ideal classes. You will have different class titles if you adopt different special skill combinations. In addition, there are hundreds of thousands of items and weapons, and a complete Paper Moppet System, so players have tons of things to do in game.

In Angels Online you can ride various cute animals such as turtles, little pigs, horses, and big lizards to wander around the fascinating world. During battle, your pets can not only help you to fight against monsters, but also can level up and become more and more powerful. Additionally, players can play some mini-games such as 5 in a Row, Bingo and Sikitcha when they are tired of killing monsters.

Much more features are available, like the house party system where you can have and decorate a house or the guild system, just to mention a couple.

Angels Online Wiki

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