Age of Titans

Age of Titans is a new 3D Fantasy MMORPG available on Facebook by The game features great 3D graphics, fantastic battle effects, lots of missions and a huge world to explore, all with a small client install that will allow you to play directly into your browser.

You can choose from 4 different character classes, each with different skills and gameplay styles. Mage, Crusader, Berserker and Legionnaire.

Key Features

a.The Arena (Sky City)

Tired of killing monsters? Need a little more action? Then this might well be what you’ve been waiting for!

Level 40+ players who are hungry for PVP can now sign up with the Arena Master in Sky City to duel it out against 9 other players in the brand newArena! Earn Battle Points to redeem exclusive Equipment, Pets and Mounts; and come out on top to win special Titles and place in the Arena Rankings. Excited? So are we!

b.New Equipment Systems (Sky City)

Having great equipment is paramount to success, but chances of getting the perfect gear are low. To help our players get ahead without having to repeatedly hunt the same maps and dungeons, Gangler now has 2 new Equipment Enhancement Features for you to enjoy!

• [Reset Equipment Grade] As most of you know, each piece of equipment will randomly receive one out of 7 Grades upon appraisal. If you didn’t exactly hit the mark the first time around, Gangler can now randomly reset your equipment’s Grade for a small fee. Now how’s that for a time saver?

• [Reset Equipment Rank]

The Rank of a piece of equipment is displayed by the colorful stars and symbols that are show below the equipment’s avatar. Generally speaking, the more complex the symbol and the more you have, the better its quality. Like Grade, Rank is also randomized upon appraisal. Equipment with better Ranks have better attributes, so if you want a chance to improve the Rank on your current equipment, find Gangler to test your luck!

c.New Daily Event – Jeopardy!

We know you’re hungry for more events, so here’s one to wrap your head around: it’s Jeopardy, Titan’s style!

Like classic Jeopardy, participants must answer an array of questions. But don’t worry – you can find all the answers by playing the game! Put your Titans-know-how to the test and win some fabulous rewards. On top of that, top 100 players will receive bonus prizes, too!

d.VIP & Platinum Membership now LIVE!

• [VIP Membership]Age of Titans is a free to play application that welcomes players of all types, but the contributions of our many fans and players cannot go unappreciated. So, to show our gratitude for your generosity, we’re rolling out the red carpet! Starting today, everyone can earn credits toward VIP membership with each Crystal purchase; and with the VIP Level system, every contribution counts. The more you give, the more we’ll give back!
Special benefits increase with each VIP Level. Curious players can click the new in-game Golden Bag icon near your Character Avatar to see what benefits await just ahead!

• [Platinum Membership]For players seeking even more special treatment, [Platinum Membership] is now available in the Crystal Mall. Get yours for some incredible perks, including Daily Gifts, exclusive Platinum Status Buff, Remote Equipment Repair and Remote Item Sale!

e.The Fountain of Blessings (Sky City)
Enhancing equipment requires Energy; and starting today, players can visit the brand new Fountain of Blessings in Sky City to claim free Energy justfor logging in!

2.New Items
As you traverse across the vast Chaos continent, you’ll be sure to encounter stranger and stronger enemies along the way. To put more combat control in your hands, Gem Essences can now be purchased from Iliya in Sky City to offer specialized buffs to your character!
In addition, each time a Gem Essence is consumed, you’ll also receive a corresponding Gem Fragment. Collect 30 Gem Fragments of the same type to combine them into 1 complete Gem for your equipment!

Trailers and Gameplay Videos


There are 3 main geo based Facebook Applications for users to play. players in the usa) (for players in the Philippines) (for players in china)

Additional Resources:

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