Age of Champions

Age of Champions is a Facebook role playing and strategy game developed by KlickNation that lets players go on a quest as a champion to lead an army to the capital city of Skyreach. Choose a faction, travel and fulfill quests, fight battles, hire military advisors, upgrade your technology and grow your army to become the new emperor.

Test your leadership skills as you journey to the destined lands of SkyReach. Discover new secrets and craft rare items! Choose to play as a Human, Elf or Minotaur champion and build up a great army. You won’t be alone as mystical races and creatures from other realms challenge you while immortals guide you throughout your quests.

Key features:

  • 3D Customizable avatars!
  • Massive animated battles with special visual and sound effects!
  • A heroic story by a Dungeons and Dragons author!

Trailers and gameplay videos


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