AfterWorld is a free-to-play 3D MMORPG set in a science fiction setting of post-apocalyptic Siberia.  In a “free market economy” persistent-world, you have full freedom to develop your character skills, and play any role you want, from real-estate agents to gas station owners.

The game features PVP, crafting and lots of locations to explore.

Key features:

• A complex and unusual skills based role-playing system that involves more than a hundred different skills with each of them developed using unique game mechanics.

• An advanced craft system with branching production chains currently containing thousands different items.

• A realmoney trade in-game economic system designed in such a way that resource farming does not ruin the balance, but is an intended part of the gameplay for high-level characters.

• 18 picturesque locations covering more than 100 square kilometers of vast Siberian landscapes.

Gameplay Videos

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