2029 Online

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2029 Online is a sci-fi based MMORPG. The story is centered around a galactic inter-species discord on an alien planet called Helen Continent. Conflict has become entrenched, as each culture refuses to back down and fights for its own survival and domination.

As the foundations of justice and order crumble, a mass of brave people have risen up to defend peace on this war-stricken planet. As you progress in the game, you can easily develop your skills and gain a reputation as a raider of unique skill. If you hit a high level, you can run feral raids to solidify your heroic reputation, but remember, this MMO is not just about killing, but about fame and faith.

In the game, your character can pick up wide range of skills. Another attraction for many MMO gamers are the stunning 3D computer graphics, featuring smooth and realistic multi-character animation effects.

Try out the full-screen playing mode and be blown away by the massive landscape changes, or invite your friends into the room and fight together against evil and dissent.

Also in this game, you have many options for PVP combat, so if you’re a PVP nut, or want to excel in this field for the honor of your guild, then this game will let you show your true colors in the fires of battle.


  • This game is set to take RTS war games to a new level with a painstakingly created, awe-inspiring cinematic game environment.
  • These fighting vehicles can be upgraded and refined into whatever specific vehicle suits your needs.
  • 3C mode, military tactics, diplomatic tricks and strategic cooperation are essential aspects of play.
  • The Mercenary System helps bring a new dimension to game play.

Language: English

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