War Inc. Battle Zone

War Inc. Battle Zone is a free to play online multiplayer, session-based combat action game, where players will compete with each other as individuals or in teams in ground combat action within large realistic environments. War Inc. Battle Zone allows players to build MMO like persistent characters that can be augmented, customized, and upgraded.


An ultra-realistic, visually stunning mercenary combat game that delivers a premium online shooting experience in a free-to-play package.

War Inc. Battlezone is an addictive, clan-based 3rd-person shooter punctuated by high production value, gameplay depth and a rich, frequently updated feature set. In the game, players join the ranks of Paramilitary Commando Units, battle-hardened mercenaries that stand as the last line of defense in a world descending into anarchy.

Gameplay is tactical shooting centered on relentless action and intense competition, with diverse maps and multiplayer game modes for up to 64 players. The game also features one of the deepest customization systems ever designed for an online shooter, giving players free and immediate access to create persistent characters with their own physical traits, gear, armor, military dress and a wide selection of modern warfare weaponry.

Set in a world where Mercenary and Paramilitary Commando Units rule the day. Some had said that 2012 wasn’t the end of the world, but it damn near might as well have been. The global economic chaos that started in 2008 had run rampant for almost 4 years. National fortunes were squandered and lost. International trade turned into international hostility and deprivation. A number of Nations disintegrated into anarchy and civil war as all out conflict broke out between various Nations. International corporate powers emerged with in different countries, demanding controls and powers from spineless government officials and a bad situation simply got worse. Death, Famine, Pestilence, and War spread as if the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse had actually been released from the Gates of Hell.

Game Modes:


Conquest has both teams trying to capture and defend all capture points in the battle zone. Each team starts at their base area with a number of tickets and moves out across the map to attempt to control as many capture points as possible. As a team holds the majority of the capture points, the opposing team will start losing tickets as time passes. The team that holds the most capture points for the longest amount of time will win the game. Each capture point that is in your team’s possession will give your team more spawn options.


Death Match pits players against each other in two teams as they attempt to be the top killers in the battle zone during a set period of time. Teams that fight together in small groups have a higher chance of winning the game. The first team to kill an allotted amount of players wins the match.


Sabotage mode is played by 2 teams with totally different objectives. One team is the “Terrorist” team that is attempting to plant and detonate a bomb. The other team is the “Security” team which is trying to prevent this from happening by defending the bomb sites and diffusing any planted bombs as necessary. When a player is killed they are out of the game until the next round. The team with the most successful rounds wins the match.

War Inc. Battle Zone Gameplay Videos

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