Sudden Attack

Sudden Attack is a free to play, online multiplayer first-person shooter. With small, intense maps, a variety of fun modes, and a wide choice of weapons, this is a back to basics FPS.

Sudden Attack delivers one thing: Pure Online FPS Action. With guns designed to feel real and get the job done, all that’s left is you and your skill. Intense maps with tight choke points force fast action and a high body count. Easy to get into but hard to master, Sudden Attack is a classic FPS for the modern age played by over 30 million fans worldwide.

Sudden Attack features a wide range of customization options for your character, convenience items, and more, which can be purchased with Points (in-game money) or NX (Nexon’s website-wide currency).

Tanzirilian Alliance (Red Team)

The formerly squabbling Tanzirilian rebel forces have united under the leadership of Lieutenant Colonel Jan Hawk and the “Silent Foxes.” The Silent Foxes, a unit of elite snipers, commandos, demolition experts, and various other fighting specialists were initially sent in at the request of the cruel Tanzirilian government. They have since “officially” gone rogue and are now supporting the rebels. While their efforts cannot be acknowledged, they continue to receive covert support from governments hoping to liberate the Tanzirilian people and strike a blow against the UGF.

UGPF (Blue Team)

The United Governments Police Force is the enforcement arms of the United Governments’ Forum, an unaccountable bureaucracy exerting more and more control over its member states. As the Tanzirilian Alliance has captured the public imagination and hardened resistance to the UGF, the UGF has responded with the creation of a special police force with worldwide jurisdiction. The UGPF’s first mission is to eliminate Hawk and the Silent Foxes in Tanzirilia.


  • 6 different mission types
  • More than 35 maps and over 50 weapons
  • Achievements and Medals system
  • Ranks System

Sudden Attack Gameplay Videos


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