Special Force

Special Force is a free to play online military FPS game using elite tactical teams which are the highlights of modern warfare today. You will experience the thrill of using highly-advanced weapons and equipment as a member of the Special Force.

Unlike an all-out war, the strong powers of the special force that places the accurate blow at a short period of time by deeply penetrating has been settled as the nation’s power in the modern war. Special Force can only be operated by the nations that can support the enormous capital fund and the technical expertise.

The members of the Special Force are armed with satellite communication and cutting-edge weapons to be trained to complete their mission within any environments. This period in time where there are no enemy countries by the opposition of ideologies, the special battles of the special force without sound amongst the nations by the understanding relations of each nation are still being occurred. You must hide away your emotions and fears and complete the mission for your nation according to the training manual.


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Special Force trailer and gameplay videos

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