S4 League

S4 League is a free-to-play  3D Sci-Fi online first person shooter that features fast-paced, action-packed gameplay in multiple game modes such as deathmatch and capture the flag.

You will be required to employ strategy and tactics in this MMOFPS as you combine long-ranged weapons with swords and melee attack to inflict devastation on your opponents like never before, all while enjoying the gorgeous, 3D anime-inspired visuals.

In S4 League you play with thousands of international players from all around the world. In many various game mods you will fight together and against them you’re your individual fighters. You need to equip your character with a selection of three weapons and one supernatural skill. This really deep and strategical gameplay offers a lot of opportunities to play in professional teams and clans.

In this sports of the future you can play modes like the “Touch Down Mode” with rules comparable to soccer, or “Chaser Mode“, where you have to defeat up to 12 other players in an epic challenging combat.

As a combination of anime game and shooter, S4 League is perfect for all anime and shooter fans. It’s a stylish third person shooter in a high resolution anime game finish and dazzling, colorful graphics to feed your need for both action and entertainment.

S4 League provides you with fresh comic graphics, no matter if you’re running, jumping, shooting or even flying through the maps. The neo Tokyo anime style guarantees great poses and high polished scenes even as a beginner. And the best of it: The graphics need barely any resources at all, you can play on almost any computer supporting video rendering.

Talking about good looks, there is no way around mentioning the hundreds of possibilities to personalize your gaming experience with various characters and tons of different styles, hundreds of items like clothing, accessories and weapons to express your own futuristic fashion style. Whether you want the style of a grown-up shooter or the liveliness of an anime game with cute looks, S4 League has it all.

When you have equipped the perfect character of yours, it’s time to let the action begin, you can choose between different game modes like Touchdown, where your objective is to capture the ball and bring it all the way down to the other party’s goal. This is a great opportunity for shooters and close combat fighters to show their skills, or Deathmatch, another thrilling game mode to prove your tactics, reflexes and fighting skills just like in other shooters.

A more anime game-like mode is the chaser mode where it’s all about evading a major enemy, the Chaser, over a stated time. As a reminiscence of classic arcade shooters, there is also an arcade mode to let you demonstrate your superior skills to the masses. Here you walk along a path through a 3D world and encounter tons of opponents you’re allowed to blow away. This requires good reflexes and fast tactical decisions.

Since the game is completely online, there are thousands of other players experienced you’ll have to convince of the superior skills of yours.

Trailers and Gameplay videos

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