Renaissance Heroes

Renaissance Heroes is a new 16th Century themed MMOFPS with fast-paced gameplay coupled with item pick-ups, jump pads, and melee combat  that provide an intense shooter experience.

The 16th Century Renaissance is reborn in style from the maps, character designs, and weapon designs.

Compete in both unique and familiar game modes, Deathmatch Capture the Flag, and Touchdown in specially designed maps!

The game is powered by the advanced Unreal 3 Engine and fetures the ability to record Video while you play, eliminating the need for a third party application to record your gameplay and share it with your friends! In addition you can now use spectator mode to view matches. The spectator mode offers a map view, a third person chase camera, a free camera and more! The spectator mode and in-game Video recording are great additions for our streaming and machinima fans and a quick way to share your Renaissance Heroes moments!


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