MAT – Mission Against Terror

Mission Against Terror (MAT) is a free online shooter game(MMOFPS) that features a wide variety of game modes, weapon choices and upgrade options.

With the New World Order positioning themselves  to take over the world with a unified world
government system, the world elites are in a  position to take over and make everyone their
slaves. They have been behind the lethal plagues  that have left some cities around the world in ruins.

Mission Against Terror (MAT) is well known for featuring fast-paced, highly competitive gameplay. In 2009 it was sanctioned by the China Electrical Gaming Committee as the only Free-to-Play MMOFPS that qualified for high-level competitive gameplay.

Those who are looking for a serious shooter will be glad to know that MAT was the only first person shooter game good enough to be sanctioned for tournament play in 2009 by the China Electrical Gaming Committee; a nationwide online gaming tournament organizer under the All-China Sports Federation. Take part in deathmatch and team deathmatch modes along with the tried and true formula of elimination-style tournament play and the highly popular bombing mode.

Those who are looking for a less-serious shooter will be kept fairly busy as well with a variety of crazy, white-knuckled game types. Mummy mode offers an intense survival horror experience where a team of humans are confronted by ancient Egyptian mummies who have risen from the dead and are out for blood!

Also available is the phantom mode, a spinoff of the bombing mode where the bombing team are highly translucent ghosts that are restricted to melee attacks only, as well as the terminator mode which pits humans against an onslaught of robot(A.I.) attackers and the craziest of them all, the tank mode where players can pilot armored tanks capable of massive destruction.

Death match, team death match, bomb mode, ghosts, mummies, robots, tanks, and boxing!

There is something for everyone in Mission Against Terror, whether you like a serious and competitive first person shooter or something a little different and unique.

Key features:

In Mission Against Terror, everyone has the option to dance during combat. Dancing offers two benefits; it slowly regenerates your health(while leaving you vulnerable) and also provides a third person view of your character which can potentially be used to see around corners.

Polymorph grenades cause all opponents that are hit to transform into a cute little animal. Those who are under the effects of the polymorph cannot shoot for a period of time.

Utilizing cutting-edge Dolby Axon technology to bring you an immersive three-dimensional sonic experience, MAT can modulate your voice in real time to transform it into 3D sound and help make you sound like a member of the opposite gender.

Game modes:

Team Death Match – Achieve the maximum number of kills within the time limit. If neither side achieves the targeted kill count within the time limit, the camp with the most number of kills wins. A draw is declared if both sides have an identical…

Bomb Match – Red team’s mission is to eliminate the target, and Blue team has to defend it. Victory is achieved when a mission is completed, or either camp is eliminated. Players can not respawn.

Death Match – Players compete individually, and will be ranked based on their number of kills within a time limit. Players can respawn.

Mummy Mode – 15 seconds before the match starts, the sinister plague will infect any one soldier on the field, turning him into Anubis. In pursuit of immortality, Anubis will then have to turn all the humans into mummies.

Ghost Mode – Red Team’s objective is to blow up the target site. To achieve this goal, Red Team has to go covert: they will become Phantoms – perpetually invisible figures wielding only melee weapons.

Terminator Mode – A team of friendly robots, dubbed ‘Terminators’, must infiltrate and survive a mummy nest. Mummies in this mode have varying abilities like super speed, vampirism, super strength, and snaring abilities.

Mission Against Terror gameplay videos

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