GunZ – The Duel is a free to play 3D action Shooter published by Aeria Games. GunZ is a unique, online Third Person Shooter (TPS) game. It plays like an FPS, but offers vastly more freedom of movement, allowing characters to scale walls and perform somersaults. Enter a world of adventurers, bounty-hunters, and outlaws, then arm yourself to take them down or join their quests!

GunZ allows game characters’ freedom of movement like console games or the actors in action movies. Scale walls, somersault through the air and leap over obstacles. Use guns and swords to engage your enemies in combat.

Kay Features:

  • Adrenaline-Pump Action – GunZ characters move with blazing speed, running up walls and somersaulting through the air like action movie heroes. Fling yourself into battle and fight all comers with swords and guns. Look sharp; the action in GunZ is fast and furious!
  • 3D Variety – Battles unfold in an immersive 3D environment for maximized strategic play. Instead of simply lurking on the ground, leap onto walls, columns, and even statues, to find the perfect sniper’s perch or hiding spot!
  • Unique Character Customization – GunZ offers a variety of character models, as well as 12 item slots per character, so players can fully customize their avatars. From clothing to accessories, build your own, unique warrior from the shell-strewn ground up.
  • Vast Arsenal of Weapons and Items – Use a sword to suspend yourself from a wall or fling an enemy skyward, then pump him full of lead with a pistol, rifle, or machine gun! All weapons are available in a variety of designs and colors to coordinate with your unique look. Face your foes knowing that you’re both dressed and armed to kill.

GunZ Gameplay Video


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