Combat Arms

Combat Arms is a free-to-play 3D shooter game created by Nexon. The goal of the Combat Arms team is to create the best first-person shooter on the market and offer it up to the community for everyone to enjoy – absolutely free.

It features a wide range of stages, multiple weapons, customizable characters, and exciting gameplay. You can also customize your weapon, form clans, and see how your skills stack up against other players with our robust stat-tracking and player profile system. It’s a game that’s easy to learn, and hard to master.


Vivox Voice Chat

Voice Chat allows you to communicate with other players in-game through any standard 3.5mm jack-in or USB headset.

Voice chat is on by default when you log into the game. The first time you will see (hear) voice chat is in a game lobby. There is no voice in the server lobby. After the game is launched from the game lobby, you will have voice in-game.

The World Cooltime System

is an in-game global timer that acts as an auto-balancing feature. It prevents repetitive use of specific powerful special or support items that affect a current round of combat. When one of these items, such as the Airstrike Designator-LGB, becomes activated, a timer appears that notifies players when the item can be used again. All players in game, regardless of team, are affected by this timer. For the Airstrike, this timer appears in the top-right corner under the Battery Charge/Radar on the HUD.

Combat Arms is available to North America, Australia and Europe.

Languages: English, Turkish

Combat Arms Gameplay Videos



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