Battlefield Play4Free

Battlefield Play4Free is a free-to-play 3D war themed MMOFPS game from the same team that created Battlefield Heroes. It’s a first person shooter with realistic graphics and is set in the modern theatre of war, featuring the opposing forces of Russia and the US battling it out with modern weapons, equipment and vehicles.

Key features:

Battlefield Play4Free combines features and content from several different Battlefield games. We call it ‘the best of Battlefield’
• 32 players!
• New updated PC engine with HD console quality graphics – high resolution artwork and post-processing effects.
• The weapons and equipment of Battlefield Bad Company 2.
• The factions and classes of Battlefield Bad Company 2.
• Maps are updates of classic BF2 maps like Strike at Karkand.
• Vehicles are familiar BF2 classics (Yes, that includes helicopters and jets!)
• The leveling, abilities and deep visual and gameplay customization of Battlefield Heroes.
• Free-to-play, quick to download and low system specs like Battlefield Heroes.

Battlefield Play4Free trailer and gameplay videos

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