Army Rage

Army Rage is new free to play, 3D online Shooter game based on World War II.

As a military game, it includes exciting content which hasn’t been experienced much in other FPS games, such as: use of some authentic WWII powerful weapons (i.e. rocket-launcher in longer-distance battles, flamethrower in close combats); artillery support; constructing a heavy machine gun and even driving tanks freely on the battlefield. Players will encounter the heaviest firepower ever seen in games of this class.

The game achieves an impressive team work as the players have the opportunity to choose one of the two rival sides – Allies and Axis, team up in 6 separate teams of 4 people each and set their class – Assault (equips powerful grenades and assault rifles), Scout (skilled sniper), Support (equips anti-tank rifles and flamethrowers, uses machine guns and drops medical kits to revive other players) and Engineer (uses submachine guns and rocket launchers, has the unique ability to build stationery heavy machine guns).

There could be up to 24 players competing with each other or united in teams in one room. The players can create as many rooms as they like with different maps, missions and game modes in order to achieve a more dynamic game play.

Key features:

Choose from 4 playable classes:


This soldier class has moderate health and running speed. Assault uses assault rifles as his primary weapons which grants him the ability to perform well in any situations. If you need real action, choose assault to cover your enemies with a wall of bullets.

Assault is the only unit that can equip a universal weapon as his secondary weapon instead of pistols. Make sure to buy and use some more powerful grenades that exclusively belong to the assault unit – you can change them by pressing “4” in-game several times, remember?

The best thing about this unit’s strategy in-game is that it can equip some very powerful explosives such as Demo-charge and Remote dynamite that exclusively belong to the Assault. Then he can just watch his enemies fall into his trap and detonate the explosives from a distance.


The Scout is a very fast unit but with low health. He equips sniper rifles as his primary weapons which grants him a deadly and accurate force to eliminate enemies from a long distance. If you coose playing with the scout unit you can support your team’s strategy by providing cover fire for your friends and search for strategic positions to cover in. Have in mind that this class will be a problem on smaller maps where players prefer fast action games.

Scout can equip land-mines that exclusively belong to his class to ambush enemy soldiers and tanks. He can also equip radios to call in artillery fire or scout airplanes to the battle field. His sneaky style will sure prove useful to your teammates, right?


Support is the heaviest unit of all classes which makes him really slow but with high health. He can equip machine guns as his primary weapons which grants him the power to lay a thick bullet barrage to suppress his enemies.

This is the only unit that is able to equip flamethrowers and anti-tank rifles which have the strongest firepower on the battlefield. It surely isn’t pleasant for your enemies to see this huge walking threat on their ground so try playing with this unit and scare everyone around you.

Don’t forget that the most important team contribution of the Support unit is that he exclusively equips medic-kits and ammo-kits to provide timely support to his allies.


The engineer unit characterizes with relatively low health but high speed. He can equip submachine guns as his primary weapon which grant him awesome close distance combat skills.

Engineers can also equip rocket-launchers as their primary weapons – they are effective against both tanks and infantry units on the battlefield. Try playing with a rocket launcher – you will surely have fun to throw your enemies around like bowling pins.

The strategic advancement of this unit is to build stationary heavy machine guns to provide great suppressive fire and metal shields to provide good covers. Just take out your wrench and all the magic begins!

Game modes: Team deathmatch, Rush, Domain Control, King of the Hill and Team Deathmatch special

There are also several vehicle types, weapons and equipments, a dozen maps to play and team skills to balance.

Trailers and gameplay videos

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