Winning Goal

Winning Goal is an exciting football/soccer game where everyone creates his or her own team. As manager, play against friends or other managers while leveling up and building up your team.

Winning Goal is a 5-on-5 football manager game for Facebook, fast paced, with lots of things to do and nice graphics, your team games in 2D, some additional features make for a great gaming experience.

In Winning Goal, Managers can gain skills, collect new players, and find other great ways to create a football dynasty and just have fun! Whether casual or hardcore, gamer or football fan, Winning Goal is the most fun social football game on Facebook!

Winning Goal is a Manager-style 5-on-5 gameplay, after the short tutorial you start playing right away, you can watch a match of your team against another opponent, at the end of each match whether you win or loose, you have the chance of choosing a prize, it can be a player, a boost or a team skill.

You start building and enhancing your team without much difficulty, and in a fun way, you can then manage, your bench, buy or sell players, etc…

The game features thousands of star players from past and present and around the world, different quality players is also present.

You can Scout new players or try to steal away players from your friends, you start with a limit of 6 games per day to play, but inviting friends can give you up to 10 games.

Winning Goal is a really interesting management game, if you like Futsal or 5-on-5 football is the only option known on Facebook.

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