Ultimate Manager

Ultimate Manager is a browser based free to play Football Manager game. Players have to discover the new promises of world football and turn them into champions. Create the economic basis of your team, draw the best tactic to exploit the potential of your players.

Study the matches of your opponents using the tactical monitor and optimize your strategy.

View the whole squad available, with the possibility of drawing targeted role.

Watch the matches played in 2D animation. Also in Highlights!

View summary data for each match results, statistics, line up, weather and spectators.Set the line up to be deployed in the field by being able to specify conditional orders (related to minutes of play, results, etc …) substitutions, change of tactics and so on.

See rankings and results of all series of the tournament, with the list of match played and to play. Manage the transfer market for players and trainers and demonstrates your skills as manager. Challenge other managers!

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